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"I have a longtime friend who's a phenomenal guitar player and an incredible singer, and he plays with a remarkable Canadian band called The Soul Shakers. Too many adjectives, you say? Oh no. There aren't enough fabulous adjectives to describe the band and their new CD - Ready for You. I've got pages of notes I could share to describe the unique qualities of every song on the CD. What I'll say here is that it doesn't matter what kind of music you like -- blues, jazz, rock, country -- there's something for you on this CD. Every song is different. Every song is incredibly arranged and precisely executed. The musicians are among the most talented I've heard. The singers are mind-blowing. Here's a link to get it for yourself, and you don't even have to leave your house. 😊🎶"
Check out the album at   - S.W.

Hi guys - Just wanted to send a note saying how impressed I am with the new Soul Shakers album. It's a really strong collection. All the vocals, harmonies, playing is a great standard - and the song-writing seems really strong. And the production is good, too! As Siskel and Ebert used to say, "Two thumbs up!"


Congrats on your CD and the awesome party you gave last night.

We had big fun!

Best, K.

Great performance at Blues Bash - D.W.

Thank you, thank you for your wonderful performance at my 50th birthday party! Your music filled the dance floor all night! Everybody was raving about what a good time they had!! - S

You guys are killing it! What a fun concert! Thanks so much! - R.R.

Thanks for creating so many happy memories and dance opportunities in 2019 - K.S.

We really enjoyed you and the Soul Shakers.....again, another fabulous evening.... Great band !! - W.W.

Our guests danced all night! Thanks for making our wedding so memorable - A.J.

Great evening and great tunes! I hope the people on Joyce's bus start singing the song to her! You just need a bigger dance floor as it was packed. R.E.

We had an amazing time last night. Danced and danced. We adore you guys !! See you at Bart's!- T.R.

The CD is awesome! Love our soul Shakers bag too! - M.R.

Just listened to the interview on 100.3 The Q. Excellent! My boyfriend just reteired from Edmonton Transit a year ago. He loved your song! We are so excited to see you Friday night! M.R.

thanks so much for joining us! Hearing lots of good comments about The Soul Shakers from the audience this morning! Joyce rocks! You are a fabulous band!

So glad I was able to make it to your show. You guys ROCKED the park!! J.vH.

So fun! Thanks for coming to the beach.S.W.

Best performance I've ever heard from The Soul Shakers. Fantastic venue, great crowd and terrific play list. K.G.

What a show!! The incredible Joyce allensen and The Soul shakers! Thank you for an evening of magical music. O.B.P.

It would be crazy to miss these guys anywhere they play! What an amazing group of musicians! Thank you Henning, Joyce, Alexander, Sean, & Paul!    P.B.

It is always a party when you play and the people in Esquimalt love you. - U. G.

You’re getting quite the reputation amongst our volunteers - people are still talking about what a great party it was last year!  We are absolutely delighted to have you back! - S.M.

The NBS also is going to hold a fundraiser to help defray some of the operating costs.  The show will be at The Queens on Saturday and will feature the Soul Shakers.  They are out of Victoria and are one of the best dance bands on the Island.  They will be doing a CD release party in conjunction with the NBS fundraiser.  You can dance til ya drop, support the Blues Society and pick up a CD to support a great Island band all at the same time!  NBS


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