Hello Soul Shakers friends and fans!

Well, we are almost there. Beginning in July we'll be making announcements of upcoming shows

for this summer and fall.

We are rehearsing and chomping at the bit to get out there and share music with you again.

So make sure you get your shots, and we'll be together again soon.

And... stay connected, watch our web page and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and band information, Soul Shakers Music and videos.

It won't be long now!!!!!

Joyce, Henning , Sean, Alexander and Paul

"Ready For You" album released Nov. 29, 2019
Available now on all your favourite platforms and
locally at Vinyl Envy and Ditch records Victoria
Here is the first track off our latest CD "Ready For You" called "Big Wheel Blues"
The Soul Shakers - Big Wheel BluesThe Soul Shakers
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